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Welcome to everyone!. I’m Patrick Sánchez, Real Estate Agent specialized in the residential luxury market in the Principality of Andorra.

My work system is meticulous, personalized, transparent, honest and direct.

Since then, being an agent has been a profession that I am passionate about and that is reflected in my dealings with my clients and I try to improve my profession every day.

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When you embark on a process of buying or selling a property, you need security and calm. This is exactly what Patrick gave us. He has accompanied us at all times, setting criteria and leaving nothing to chance. With other real estate agents we have encountered along the way, these agents have often not even visited the properties they offered us. But, Patrick only works with "cheat-free" properties. Putting yourself in your hands means getting on the same boat, collaborating, you don't have the feeling of insecurity. If you want to sell or buy, without a doubt, Patrick.
by Salvador Drets
Engineer, Andorra Telecom
A coworker introduced me to Patrick because he sold his Ordino flat thanks to him. From the first moment Patrick entered my home, he managed my property with efficiency and determination from start to finish. We practically didn't take care of doing anything, he did everything. He was honest, direct and decisive.
by Pedro García
Sales Manager, Caves Andorranes
Not all real estate agents are created equal. This has become very clear to me. Patrick Sánchez is the most committed real estate agent I have ever met. He took care of the entire sales process, from start to finish. A resounding success and without nonsense.
by Daniel Freire
Architect IT, Andorra Telecom
I tried to sell my house through several real estate agencies in the Principality of Andorra. No agency took this mission seriously. One day, a friend of ours gave us Patrick's contact phone number, who made the sale of his apartment in Ordino through Patrick. From that point on, the visits accelerated exponentially and the sale was a success. We are very happy, because Patrick changed our lives.
by Sunci Delgado
Head of Administration, CEDEX Andorra

¿Why living in Andorra?

The Principality of Andorra is much more than shops and banks.

¿Why Andorra?

The Principality of Andorra (Andorra) is a beautiful country between France and Spain. It has 468 km² of total surface and there are almost 78,000 inhabitants. Our currency is the Euro (€). The official language is Catalan, but other languages are spoken; French, Spanish, Portuguese and English. The distance from Barcelona to Andorra is 207 km and 180 km from Toulouse to Andorra.

Andorra is known and recognized as a European country that provides security and quality of life to its citizens and to the millions of tourists who come every year. It’s a country that offers a high level of citizen security.

Its citizens and residents can choose one of the three educational systems for their children (Catalan, French or Spanish) and enjoy an excellent public health system based on various international agreements.

Andorra, a cosmopolitan country.

For historical reasons and thanks to the large inflows of foreigners, Andorra is recognized as a very cosmopolitan country. Most of its inhabitants speak several languages (Catalan, Spanish, French, Portuguese and English), allowing easy integration for foreign investors and simultaneous entry into the French and Spanish markets.

A prosperous economy

With a GDP above the European average, Andorra enjoys a prosperous economy currently based on the tourism, commerce, finance and construction sectors of activity.

  • Laborly flexible: As a result of its commercial history, the Andorran business sector is multilingual and the country’s legislation is adapted to the needs of companies.
  • The ease of doing business: As a small national state, Andorra benefits from a public administration system that is close to the business community and, as a result, is very reactive to the needs and requests of investors. Such a system allows foreign investors to develop their business quickly and efficiently.

A solid financial system

Andorra’s financial sector is solid and international. A financial system built on five banking groups, has demonstrated during the last 75 years its efficiency and reliability in terms of application of international standards. The solvency of the banking system is the result of a strong capitalization policy.

Innovation and technological leadership

Andorra continually invests in new technologies and, as a result, has an excellent infrastructure. Since September 2007, Andorra has already become a fully digital transmission network and has UMTS coverage throughout its territory. The inhabitants of Andorra enjoy an advanced telecommunications service thanks to an extensive network and a program to connect each Andorran home to the fiber optic network by 2010.

Why it’s interesting to live and work in Andorra

The Principality of Andorra is the ideal country for those entrepreneurial people, who are subject to exhaustive fiscal and tax pressure from their country of origin.

But the benefits of living and working in Andorra are not only limited to those entrepreneurs. Liberal professionals, investors and elite athletes can also find our country as the ideal place so that their income is not diminished by excessive taxation in their countries of origin.

Living in Andorra is enjoying a country where citizen security is one of the most envied in the world. The educational system and social security in Andorra are among the best in the world. Our educational system allows you to choose where you want to school your children and our healthcare system allows its users to choose which specialist they want to see them.

If so far you have not found sufficient reasons to rethink your residence in Andorra, then I will provide you with two more reasons that are very relevant for you to seriously study the possibility of living and working in Andorra:

The tax system in Andorra

The Active Residence in Andorra

The Passive Residence in Andorra

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